This Sphinx extension allows authors to embed a JSON Schema in their documentation.

It arose out of a personal itch and implements what I needed. Some features of JSON Schema are (not yet) implemented. Also I can imagine that other display layouts are desired.

I only tested it for use with the draft 4 specification of JSON Schema. I was pleasantly surprised to find that the software is useful to others as well. Therefore it made sense to document its intended use.

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Version 1.19.0

Glenn Nicholls <> contributed code to load a schema from a Python dict or object (or actually any Python entity with a __str__ method.).

Version 1.18.0

Expanding on the work of Pavel Odvody with JSON Pointer the :pass_unmodified: option is included. This option prevents escaping the string pointed at. This extension arose from discussions with Ryan Lane <>

Version 1.17.2

Ezequiel Orbe found, reported and fixed a bug escaping backspaces.

Version 1.17.0

Pavel Odvody contributed the :hide_key: directive option. This option allows you to hide certain keys, specified by a JSON Pointer specification, to be excluded from rendering.

Version 1.16.11

Removed debugging code left in, pointed out by Kevin Landreth <>.

Version 1.16.10

iamdbychkov added the :encoding: directive option. This option allows explicit control of the encoding used to read a file instead of relying on the operating system default.

Version 1.16.9


Version 1.16.8

Jens Nielsen improved rendering of string values.

Version 1.16.5-6

Bugfix version.

Version 1.16.4

Introduces the :lift_title: directive option suggested by ankostis. Ankostis also provided an example on how to extend the formatter to handle custom properties.

Fixed a bug in rendering the items attribute of the array type reported by nijel.

Version 1.16.1-3

Fixed bugs rendering the default and examples keywords.

Introduced the configuration entry jsonschema_options setting default values for the directive options introduced in 1.16. The options now can accept a parameter to explicitly turn the option on or off.

Version 1.16

WouterTuinstra reimplemented support for dependencies and properly this time. He also improved error handling and reporting and added a couple of options improving the handling of references.

The most important additions are the directive options :lift_description:, :lift_definitions:, :auto_target: and :auto_reference:.

In addition to all that he also implemented support for the if, then and else keywords.

Version 1.15

Add support for the dependencies key.

Versions 1.12, 1.13 and 1.14

Solved several minor bugs.

Version 1.11

Solved a divergence of the standard reported by bbasic.

Version 1.10

Ivan Vysotskyy contributed the idea to use an array with the description key resulting in the new $$description key.

Version 1.9

Tom Walter contributed the example support.

Version 1.4

Chris Holdgraf contributed Python3 and yaml support.

Version 1.3

Add unicode support.

Version 1.2

Improved formatting.

Version 1.1

Implemented schema cross referencing.

Version 1.0

Initial release of a functioning plugin.